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Professional Fertilizers To Get The Results You Want

Rozell Agritech’s stock of fertilizer is specially formulated to provide East Texas soil the nutrients it needs to grow thriving plant life. We’ve used it throughout our time in professional lawn care and swear by its effectiveness. If you’re tired of growing sub-optimal plants and grass, visit our Marshall store location and pick up some Rozell Turf Magic.

Fertilization is a cornerstone of agriculture and has been since we began planting our food. The right fertilizer can do a lot for you. Applied to your lawn, fertilizer will encourage deeper root growth, a greener, thicker carpet of grass, and the overall health of your soil.

Not all fertilizers are created equal. Because fertilizers add nutrients to your soil, their effectiveness depends on that soil. A fertilizer with a high concentration of potassium--a common supplement--might not help you if your soil is already high in potassium but needs phosphorus.

Fortunately, Rozell Agritech can help. Our extensive experience with lawn care allows us to consider your soil and help you select the best fertilizer for your needs. Our stock of plant fertilizers is specially formulated for use on East Texas lawns to help eradicate common nutrient deficiencies.

We’ve used this product extensively throughout our time in lawn care and swear by its ability to nourish East Texas soil. It is a polymer-coated, slow-release fertilizer that’s designed to last throughout the growing season and despite what the unpredictable weather of East Texas throws at it.

Choosing The Right Fertilizer

Selecting the right fertilizer is going to depend on what you’re growing and the conditions of your soil. Different soils will require–and react–to different fertilizers. Before buying fertilizers in bulk, it’s best to perform a soil test to learn its pH balance and nutrients.

Using the soil test as a guide, you’ll want to select fertilizers that provide the nutrients your soil lacks, and there are three main nutrients to look for:


Nitrogen promotes leaf and stem growth, which is going to be important for almost all types of plants.


Phosphorus strengthens the plants’ stems and helps them during flowering. Phosphorus is important for ornamentals.


Potassium helps grow stronger, healthier roots and helps to balance the other two nutrients. It’s beneficial for all plants.

Most fertilizers will have an NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) ratio on their labels that will help you understand what kind of nutrients they’ll provide your soil. Understanding your soil’s deficiencies, then, are vital to selecting the right fertilizer.

Other Factors To Consider

If your lawn and plants aren’t thriving as they should and your soil has the nutrients they require to grow, there may be something else that your soil is lacking that your plants require. A basic soil test will show you:

  • The Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus content of your soil, and knowing those can help you introduce more macronutrients to help your plants grow.
  • The pH level of your soil. The pH level of your soil can have dramatic effects on plant growth, so identifying deficiencies and remedying them is important to getting the growth you want.
  • The amount of organic matter in your soil. Over time, organic material will break down and provide nutrients to your soil.

More advanced soil tests can provide even more information. If you’re unsure what your soil needs, the associates at Agritech can help you find out that information and provide you with products that will help your plants thrive.

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

The specialists at Rozell Agritech are available for consultations. Soil, plants, and grass are all very complicated, and we want to ensure that you’re happy with the results our products provide. That’s why we offer consultations. We’ll visit your home or pasture and help identify what your soil needs to grow thriving plants.

Ready for greener grass? Visit our store and let us help you find what’s right for your application. Contact us today or visit our store to schedule a consultation.

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