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We want to empower landowners by providing them the agricultural chemicals and expertise to grow their dream yards. Lawn and garden management can be incredibly complicated, and Rozell Agritech believes that expertise is important. That’s why we focus on providing agricultural chemicals, fertilizer, and the means to deploy them.

Big box lawn and garden stores are very convenient. They offer a huge selection of tools, materials, plants, and appliances. That requires their employees to learn a little about a lot of things in order to help customers find what they need. When Rozell Agritech was founded, we decided to do the opposite.

We provide fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, and lawn supplements, and we’re experts in their selection, use, and deployment. We’re able to provide targeted advice for ranchers, farmers, and DIY homeowners that will get them the results they want. We’re confident that the associates at Rozell Agritech will help you find the product you need and help you learn how to use it.

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Our fertilizer is specially formulated for the health of yards in East Texas. It’s a polymer-coated, urea fertilizer. This means it will last longer, saturating your soil with the nutrients it needs throughout the growing season.

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We stock a broad variety of weed killers and fungicides, including liquid, granular, selective, and non-selective varieties. Our expertise will allow you to pick the perfect herbicide for your application.

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Selecting the right pesticide can be difficult. In addition to the species of pest you’re fighting, you may also be contending with some immunities they’ve developed over time. Our selection of pesticides will help you fight pests, whether indoor or outdoor.

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Whether you’re a pest control company looking for commercial equipment or a homeowner who needs something smaller, we have the sprayers, applicators, parts, and equipment you need to deploy pesticide, herbicide, or fertilizer.

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Soil Supplements

Fertilization can do quite a bit for your yard or pasture. In some instances, the soil may need a little bit more help. We stock a variety of supplements that will give your yard the nutrients it needs, all while sharing our extensive expertise about what and when to use them.

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