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Fighting weeds can feel like a never-ending battle, and fungal infections can decimate your lawn, pasture, shrubs, and the rest of your plant life. There are so many herbicides on the market it can be difficult to select one, especially if you’re not confident that they’ll work for your situation.

Rozell Agritech offers a variety of herbicides designed for use in East Texas. Whether you’re looking to get rid of broadleaf weeds popping up in your yard or weeds are forcing out forage in your pastures, we’ll have the products to help and the experience to teach you how to select and use them.

Selecting Your Weed Killer

The first step of selecting a weed killer is to determine what it is you’re trying to kill. Weeds can either be annual or perennial and both require a different tactic--and herbicide--to get rid of. Pesticides can also be incredibly selective. Some are designed for use to kill broadleaf weeds or even just crabgrass.

Before purchasing weed killers, take some time to identify the weeds you want to kill. It’ll pay dividends in the long run when you get an herbicide that works on the first application without any incidental plant death.

Types Of Herbicide

There are two main categories of weed killers for your lawn: pre-emergent weed killers, and post-emergent weed killers. Pre-emergent weed killer is great for perennial weeds because it stops them from growing before they start. Post-emergent is a spot-killer weed that will help you get rid of flare-ups.

DIY Weed Control For Lawns & Turf

East Texas lawns grow a variety of broadleaf and grassy weeds, both of which can become insidious if left to see unchecked.

Our selection of DIY weed control products will give you professional results and leave your yard free from dandelions, crabgrass, and other invasive plants.

Agritech associates are standing by to help you understand our DIY weed control products so that you’re better able to select an herbicide that gets the results you want.

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Weed Killers For Pasture Management

Any good pasture management strategy will include selective herbicides and weed killers for perennial and biennial weeds, and keeping your pasture free from weeds frees up soil nutrients to grow better grass and forage for your herd.

2, 4-D is most commonly used in pastures to kill perennial broadleaf weeds. You’ll also need treatment for grassy weeds and sedge, but Agritech can help you find the right products to help your pasture and fit your budget.

Contact us today or visit our Marshall, TX storefront to speak with an associate, who can help you find the products that will help your pasture thrive.

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Industrial Weed Killers

Industrial applications frequently require bare grounds treatment that prevents any and all growth on the premises. This is achieved with a combination of pre-emergent weed control application as well as spot treatment with a post-emergent herbicide.

Agritech’s inventory of industrial-strength bare ground weed killers can be used underneath sidewalks and roadways, for right-of-way maintenance, and for general clearing purposes on your facility grounds.

Agritech associates have experience with industrial grounds maintenance and are available to help you find the right product to help achieve your goals.

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Weed Killers For Timber Production

Timber management and production supervisors frequently look to selective herbicides and weed killers to maximize production. Used in combination with mechanical and preventative maintenance, weed killers and herbicides can form the backbone of your timber operation.

Agritech offers a wide selection of selective and non-selective herbicides approved for use in timber production, and our associates will help you select a range of products that will help you maintain your timberland.

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Not Sure What’s Right For You? Let Us Help

If you aren’t sure what kind of weeds you have or what herbicide might help you get rid of them, the professionals at Rozell Agritech can help you. Not only do we stock a variety of pet-safe weed killer treatments, but we also have extensive experience using them to get amazing results.

Stop by our store or call us to schedule a consultation. We’ll be able to help you identify what weeds you have and develop a solution to get rid of them.

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