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The big-box lawn and garden stores are really convenient, especially if you need tools, mulch, and an appliance or two. They carry a wide variety of items, but this means that their employees need to know a little about a lot of things.

At Rozell Agritech we’re the opposite. We know a lot about agricultural chemicals. We’ve spent the last decade providing exceptional lawn care service in and around East Texas, and we’ve personally used every single product we sell in our store.

Whether you’re looking to grow the best yard in the neighborhood or increase the forage in your pastures, we have the equipment and chemicals you need paired with the experience to help you use them. If you’re looking for lawn care supplies in the Shreveport area, Rozell Agritech can help.

Lawn Care Store In The Shreveport Area

Our extensive experience with lawn and garden care in East Texas allows us to provide top-notch service, products that actually work, and the expertise our customers need to use them. Our stock includes:


Any lawn care and pasture management plan should include the regular application of fertilizer each season. The fertilizer at Rozell Agritech is specially designed for East Texas soil and polymer-coated to ensure it lasts throughout the season, providing the rich nutrients plants and grass need to grow.

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Herbicide & Fungicide

Fighting weeds is a full-time job. There are literally hundreds of herbicidal and fungicidal products available on the market, all with specific uses and benefits. The professionals at Rozell Agritech can help assess your weed problem and ensure you get the vegetation control that’ll work.

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Pests can be troubling to livestock, your family, and your property. Whether you’re looking to keep mosquitos away from your home or you’re fighting an armyworm infestation, Rozell Agritech can help you find the pesticides that can help.

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Soil Supplements

While fertilizer will handle the majority of nutrients your plants or grass need, some soils and plants can be tricky. The experienced professionals at Rozell Agritech can help you identify what your soil needs and help you find a remedy that works.

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Need More Help? Visit Our Store Or Call Today

If you’re stumped and not sure what to do to get your plants, pasture, or yard the way you want them to be, Rozell Agritech can help. Our extensive experience is yours. Simply visit our store or call us today and we’ll help you find the solution to your problem.