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Big Box stores are really convenient. If you have a honey-do list and only a Saturday to get it done, you can pick up everything you need. Where they aren’t so great is getting the help you need to find the products that’ll work for your situation, especially if you’re looking for lawn and garden supplies.

Rozell Agritech is staffed by lawn care, pasture management, and garden maintenance specialists. We’ve worked in agricultural chemicals for over a decade and have extensive experience helping East Texans grow the best grass and plants in the state.

Our store stocks specialized fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, and other products that will help you get the yard you’ve always wanted. Our experienced staff will be able to help you understand what your problem is and how to fix it.

If you’re looking for lawn care supplies in the Longview area, Rozell Agritech can help you with every part of your project.

Lawn Care Store In The Longview Area

We stock a variety of chemicals, dispensers, parts, and other supplies that will help you grow almost anything. If you’re not sure what you need, our experienced staff will help you diagnose your problem and find a solution.


Fertilizer is the cornerstone of any agricultural care. Rozell Agritech stocks slow-release fertilizer specially formulated to provide East Texas soil the nutrients it needs to grow strong, healthy, verdant plants.

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Herbicide & Fungicide

Weeds are hardy and spread quickly. Fighting them off can feel like a never-ending battle. Rozell Agritech has the herbicide and fungicide to help keep your yard or pasture weed-free. Our experienced associates will be able to help you select the one that works and advise you on how to apply it.

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Mosquitos, fleas, and ticks can make a dream yard feel like a nightmare. Armyworms can destroy a pasture in a few weeks. If you have an infestation, Rozell Agritech’s selection of pesticides can help. Let our associates help you find the one that will fix your pest problem.

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Soil Supplements

Our fertilizer will do a lot to ensure your soil is healthy, but some species of plants are temperamental and the soil’s pH may need adjusting. Rozell Agritech stocks a variety of soil supplements that will help get your yard or pasture back into shape.

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Need More Help? Visit Our Store Or Call Today

Not sure what your yard or pasture needs? Rozell Agritech’s associates can help you identify what’s going on and help you find the products to solve your problem. Visit our store or contact us to speak with one of our employees.