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Wholesale & Retail Pest Control, Lawn Care, and Agricultural Supplier

The specialists at Rozell Agritech are agricultural chemical experts. We have over a decade of experience helping East Texans grow the lawns they’ve always dreamed of, and our store offers the same fertilizer, herbicide, and lawn supplements we used to do it. If you’re ready to get your lawn into shape, visit our Marshall, TX store or contact us.

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Professional Grade Agricultural Products

Lawn & Garden • Pasture • Indoor/Outdoor Pest Control • Soil Health

  • Public/private ponds & lakes


    Rozell Agritech stocks everything you need to appropriately apply fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. We stock personal sprayers perfect for a homeowner with a small yard. We also stock large, commercial-grade applicators designed for pasture use.

  • Golf courses


    We stock an extensive range of growth inhibitors, weed killers, & other herbicidal chemicals to help your yard or pasture. Our stock includes selective, non-selective, pre-emergent, and post-emergent herbicides, & we can help you select the one you need.

  • HOA's


    Fungal infections can be difficult to identify and treat, often requiring expertise that goes beyond most homeowners, ranchers, and farmers. The specialists at Rozell Agritech can help you identify the fungus and provide the fungicide that will get rid of it.

  • Municipalities


    We’ve seen armyworms destroy every bit of forage in a pasture, and mosquitoes won’t devastate your yard but they’ll make being in it pretty unpleasant. Rozell Agritech’s broad selection of pesticides will help you get rid of whatever’s invading.

  • Wastewater treatment facilities


    We stock professional-grade, slow-release fertilizer. Our lawn fertilizer has been specially formulated to help East Texas lawns, & we have the expertise to help you find the right plant fertilizer to ensure that your plants grow strong.

  • Industrial

    Soil Supplements

    If your soil isn’t a good match for what you’re growing, even fertilizer won’t be able to help. That’s why we stock a variety of soil supplements. We’ll be able to help you identify your soil’s weaknesses and select the product you need to strengthen it.

Rozell Agritech

Care For Your Lawn Like A Professional

From fertilizer to weed killers, Rozell Agritech offers professional-grade lawn care and pest control supplies directly to the consumer. As former lawn care specialists, we provide the herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizer that we used professionally to help East Texans grow the lawns they’ve always dreamed of having.

Alongside commercial-grade chemicals, we provide our customers with the expertise we’ve accumulated in over a decade of lawn care and pasture management. Whether you’re fighting off an armyworm infestation or just looking to grow thicker, greener grass, we’re able to help you find a solution that works.

If you’re struggling to get the yard of your dreams, Rozell Agritech can help. Visit our store today and let us find what you need to be successful.

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Consultations Available

The specialists at Rozell Agritech have extensive experience with lawn care, pasture management, and more. We’re able to address and help a variety of issues from our store while helping you shop. Sometimes, problems are complicated. If that’s the case, we also provide consultations. We’ll send one of our specialists out to your home or pasture to take and look and help you develop a plan.

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